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  1. Snore Stopper®

    Snore Stopper®

    Stop Snoring with Snore Stopper


    Do you get complaints about your snoring?

    Do you crave a good night’s sleep?

    Do you want to wake up full of energy?

    Are you ashamed of your snoring?

    Do you want to STOP snoring?


    Stop dreaming about a good night’s sleep!


    - Immediate decrease of loud snoring

    - No disturb... Learn More

  2. Gel Gloves & Socks

    Gel Gloves & Socks

    Just slip on these cotton/polyester/spandex socks and handshoes every night before bed, and give the boot to painful cracked heels and dry skin. Infused with a moisturizing combination of jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and lavender oil, these gel socks let you enjoy softer, healthier feet. Reuse up to 50 times. One size fits most. Thermo plastic lining. Hand wash, line dry. Imported.

       * Gel lining contains a blend of moisturizing oils
       * One size fit... Learn More

  3. Spring Beauty

    Spring Beauty

    The spring beauty removes unwanted facial hair quickly and effectively. Litteraly at the twist of your wrists it will remove the hairs from the root giving you a smoother skin for three weeks!
    And unlike waxing or shaving the Spring Beauty will not damage your skin.

    How does it work?

        Make sure your skin is free of make-up
        Bend the Spring Beauty into a U-shape
        Twist the handles from the inside out, r... Learn More

  4. 5 paar/pair Gel Pads Snore stopper

    5 paar/pair Gel Pads Snore stopper

    5 paar/pair Gel Pads Snore stopper... Learn More

  5. Replacement brush heads Toothbrush

    Replacement brush heads Toothbrush

    Replacement brush heads Toothbrush   
    Oral hygiene: Your business card
    How many times has the dentist told you that toothbrushes have to be replaced at least once every 3 months? Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to prevent infections and sores in mouth and have a gorgeous smile:
    Your business card at work and in personal life.

    Clean as a dentist
    The electric toothbrush is recommended for oral hygiene for the whole family. However, to remove ... Learn More

  6. Dream Turtle

    Dream Turtle

    Night Light Turtle ensures that your baby can sleep soundly under a beautiful starry sky, while it acts as a gentle friend. The turtle's shell throw ... Learn More

    Regular Price: £24.94

    Special Price: £12.90

  7. I-Tracker® child safety bear phone

    I-Tracker® child safety bear phone

    You don’t want to lose your child no matter what...

    Prevent traumatic experiences with the I-Tracker® child safety bear phone.  

    If you are on the road with small children you are concerned with not losing them.
    At a festival, walking through the city centre, at the beach or at the campsite that can
    prove to be quite a challenge. With the use of GPS applications you can track your child.
    If the child leaves the indicated GPS ... Learn More


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